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What is Calcium carbide?

Carbide Industries’ steel making / slag conditioning grade calcium carbide reagents are granular sized materials used in the steel industry for specialized processing of steel. … The reaction of calcium carbide and water yields calcium hydroxide, also known as carbide lime.

It is a chemical compound with CaC2 formula with a crystal appearance and black or gray color having an odor resembling that of garlic that shows a very high reaction with water thus producing acetylene that is a flammable gas.


Uses of Calcium Carbide

Calcium carbide is a powerful and effective chemical reducing agent, and can also be used as a source of energy. … This has efficiency implications for ladle metallurgy, but moreover carbide provides major cost savings as a source of energy and productivity improvement in the steelmaking furnace.

The application of calcium carbide in steel mills is also unique and as a result of reaction with metallic oxides can have astonishing impact.