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Cored wire injection is an essential feature of liquid steel processing. An estimation of the time for melting of the wire sheath (casing) and the subsequent release of the filling material cannot be done without resorting to an elaborate mathematical model due to the complexity of the heat transfer from the bath to the wire.

PRODUCTCODEAPPLICATION% Ca% Si % C% Al% S% P% Fe% Ti% Pb% MgDensity
Ferro Silico Calcium Cored Wire (CA-SI)ARTWIRE AW-110Steel desulphurization, deoxidization, inclusion modification and castability30 - 32%55% Min1% Max1.5% Max0.06% Max0.05% MaxBalance___280 ± 10 gr/m
Ferro Calcium Cored Wire (CA-FE)ARTWIRE AW-120Low silicon Steel modification, inclusion modification and steel desulphurization, deoxidization, clogging prevention, Cast ability30% Min__0.8% max__68-70___270 ± 10 gr/m
Ferro Calcium Aluminum Cored Wire (Ca-Fe-Al)ARTWIRE AW-160For low silicon steel application, besides the function of Ca-Fe cored wire but steel deoxidization and grain refinement40% Min__24 - 26______210+/-10
Ferro Titanium Cored Wire (FeTi)ARTWIRE AW-140Used as cleansing agent and to eliminate Nitrogen Carbon, Oxygen and Sulphur. Improves Malleability of Carbon Steel_2% Max0.2% Max4% Max___65- 70%__380+/-20
Carbon Cored Wire ( C )ARTWIRE AW-130Trimming addition, steel carbon adding__97% Min_0.6% Max_____150 ± 10
Ferro Slico Magnesium Cored Wire(FeSiMg)ARTWIRE AW-170Nodularisation, vermicularizer and inoculation1- 3%28 - 45%_______23 - 40%230+/-10
Sulphur Cored Wire (S)ARTWIRE AW-180Added in small amounts, Sulphur improves machinability without resulting in hot shortness. With the addition of manganese hot shortness is further reduced due to the fact that manganese supplied has a higher melting point than iron supplied.____99% min_____200+/-10
Lead Cored WireARTWIRE AW-190Although virtually insoluble in liquid or solid steel, lead is sometimes added to carbon steels via mechanical dispersion during pouring in order to improve machinability.________98% min_960+/-10
Aluminium Wire(Al)ARTWIRE AW-100Deoxydation and Inclusion___99% min______310+/-20

DIAMETER: 9mm,13mm,16mm
SHEATH THICKNESS: 0.35mm-0.5mm
COIL ID: 650mm
COIL OD: 780mm-1300mm
FLIPPING: Horizontal/Vertical
PACKING: Steel/Wooden Pallet and Cage rapped with Stretch Film
P.S: Other specification are available according to customers request.